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Meet The Breeds : Cats NY 10/16/2010 [19 Oct 2010|05:18pm]

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Home needed [27 May 2009|02:25am]

Hi! I'm looking for a home for a very sweet little girl who came up to my porch in January and chose to have babies there. I looked for her owners (She was too people-friendly to have never been around humans), and couldn't find them. Once the babies were weaned (She had six, and I found another-same color-same age, in the local grocery store parking lot), a vet in my area took all seven and had them spayed/neutered and found them all good homes. I have had her spayed, and paid for her rabies shot. Her surgery, rabies shot and pain medication only cost me $40 (because of my finacial strains, the local humane society paid for the rest. I felt guilty asking, but couldn't afford it any other way.), but because I have been unemployeed and taking care of my grandmother (Who had alzheimers and dementia until her death a couple of weeks ago) the $40 was actually a hit to my budget as well as the cat food/litter/etc. I am asking $15-$20 for her since I was told it's a bad idea to post free pets because they rarely go to good homes. I assume she's about 8-9 months old. She's litter trained too. Long fur tuxedo sweetheart.

I can't keep her. I cannot afford to. I hate people who gather up animals that they cannot afford to keep (I.E. vet bills, etc.), and am trying my best to find her a good home.

I live about 45 minutes from Atlanta (towards Alabama) on I-20, and would be willing to meet someone anywhere within an hour to an hour and a half driving distance, as long as she's happy.

Here's some pictures of the furry little thing.Collapse )
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products/tips for senior cats with arthritis? (x-posted like a mofo) [19 May 2009|09:16pm]

Hey everybody!  I have a 13 y.o. cat (he'll be 14 in July) who has had arthritis in his hips for the past couple of years.  I used to think it was just weight slowing him down, but x-rays last year confirmed it's some bad arthritis.  It didn't affect too terribly much, but I still put him on a diet and started putting a chair next to my bed to help him get up there.  A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the slowness, semi-limping has gotten worse.  It's gotten so bad just in the past few days alone that he has begun stumbling whenever he walks on a hard floor (the kitchen, bathroom, etc.).  I don't know if it's just age catching up or my semi-new 3 y.o. cat I adopted n February (he's a little bigger and likes to wrestle around a lot).  I am taking my older cat to see the vet on Friday, but I like to do a lot of research on products before purchasing them, so I was wondering if anyone has any particular supplements or medications (or any other tips) that seem to do well for his or her cat, please let me know.  If there's anything I should ask my vet about, I want to know.  Healthcare for pets is pretty costly and I want to make sure I've done right by my boy and not wasted time and money on something that won't help him.  Thank you for your help!
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Last day to Vote! Ends tonight at 11:59PM EST [01 Jan 2009|04:57pm]


Wuzzum looking pretty.


More photos behind the cut.



CUTCollapse )
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Revamped Animal Welfare/Rescue/Resource/Pet Blog! [26 Dec 2008|05:34pm]

I run a blog called A Furry Friend. It's dedicated to highlighting animals in need and to keep people informed on general animals news, stories, and events! I have helped many dogs and other animals through my blog.
I invite anyone to please submit any animals, stories, or events they'd like me to feature. You can contact me with information at afurryfriend@gmail.com.
If you know an animal  that is in immediate need of a rescue, adoption, foster, transportation, etc., please contact me as well!

I also have links to several animal rescue/welfare resources I've compiled, including: 

  • Rescue transportation services
  • Shelter/rescue directories
  • General animal welfare/rescue resources
  • A guide on how to report and stop internet animal abuse
  • A guide on how to help both domestic & wild animals in need
  • A guide to prepare your own animal rescue kit
These resources can be found by going to my blog and clicking on any of links under "A Furry Friend Resources" on the left-hand side.
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Icons: 20 Garfield at Christmas [23 Dec 2008|09:38pm]

[20] Garfield at Christmas icons!

( Garfield! )
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[31 Oct 2008|12:33pm]

I turned 31 on October 27th. I had lost my best friend, my kitty Phantom to Feline Leukemia only a few days before my birthday. On the 24th my Uncle and his girlfriend invited me to their house and had the BEST BIRTHDAY gift anyone could have EVER gotten me...

Her name is Mist.

Here she is in my computer chair plotting to take over my blog (lol).


They adopted her from the local animal shelter and gave her to me. She is the most sweetest and well behaved kitty I've ever had.

Here she is sporting her new collar I bought her today...


for more pictures of Mist, my other kitty who lives outside named POO, and my German Shepherd named Re-L please go to...

Also I am conducting an online poll right now about what people think of fake animal fur/skin please stop by and leave your opinion at...
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Introducing our new company... [21 Oct 2008|12:41pm]

Hello fellow cat lovers!

I have been a member of this LJ community for a little while and with the permission of the moderator, I wanted to introduce you all to our new company. It's called Puutty Power!

(pronounced: put-TE power as in "I thought I saw a puutty tat")

What is Puutty Power?
Inspired by our own 3 cats (Hip-Hop, Nyla & Lola), Puutty Power was born out of the necessity of wanting to provide cat owners with healthy and modern lifestyle choices. And I think I can safely say that Puutty Power is the only healthy/organic/holistic & modern/stylish retailer that is specifically "CAT ONLY".

Puutty Power is a online pet retail specialty store that is geared to cats only! We created this brand to help our fellow cat lovers find quality products that promote a healthy & fashionable lifestyle. You have all seen those specialty dog stores everywhere...but you never see one that is catered to just cats. That's where we come in.

Our inspiration & models sporting Puutty Power shirts! :)

and of course, here are additional photos of our inspiration!Collapse )

We appreciate the opportunity to present our company to you all. If you choose to make a purchase, please enjoy a promotional 10% off any item. Just type in promotion code: LJ10 upon checkout.

You can also add puuttypower to your friend's list! :)

Thanks again and I hope you all have a great day. I'm cross-posting this, so if you see more than once, I apologize.
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An awesome cat rescuer [05 Sep 2008|11:27am]

I really wanted to pass along this story written by a girl who went through a lot to rescue several stray kittens in her neighborhood. When most people just forget about strays, I think it's wonderful that there are people like this who give up their time and money to help out. Please show your support by reading Diary of a Stray Cat Mommy.

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UPDATE: Stubby's surgery scheduled for July 2nd! [21 Jun 2008|03:27pm]

[ mood | thankful ]

Because of the overwhelmingly positive response and generosity of family and friends old and new, and the fact that we are thisclose to reaching our goal, I've scheduled Stubby's surgery for July 2nd!

So, the last day to donate via PayPal will be June 27th! Donations made directly to the vet's office can be made all the way through July 2nd.

If you've already donated, THANK YOU!!
Visit www.freewebs.com/surgeryforstubby

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A cat boat? [19 Jun 2008|02:59pm]

Just wanted to share a story I read about a cat shelter at sea. I never would have thought of putting rescued cats on a boat. It sounds like they do good work though. Has anybody ever heard of that or even been there?
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UPDATE: Reaching out for support... [17 Jun 2008|10:20pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

What a wonderful day today! Not only did Dr. Crocker's office agree to accept donations on Stubby's behalf (see my earlier posts for that info), we raised $250! Much of that $250 came from the support of the LJ communities, so from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!

Since the fundraising is going so well (we're only about $250 short of our goal!), I was able to go ahead and schedule Stubby's surgery for July 2nd. He's having his bloodwork done next week, and I'm hopeful that we'll have a reason for why his teeth are in such bad shape.

I'm very grateful for and encouraged by all the positive feedback I've gotten...even the negative feedback has helped me to improve the way I'm doing things, so that's awesome.

So, if you've already donated, THANK YOU!! And if you haven't, please consider it...if you're unable to, prayers and well-wishes are accepted, too :-)

♥ Ria
Visit www.freewebs.com/surgeryforstubby for more info!

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UPDATE: Reaching out for support... [17 Jun 2008|11:35am]

I recently posted a fund-raising request for donations to help cover the costs of extensive dental surgery for Stubby, a sweet little guy I'm fostering. Several folks suggested that they'd feel more comfortable donating directly to the vet's office than to me, which I understand completely. I thought that was a great idea, so I contacted my vet's office today, and they've graciously agreed to accept check and/or credit/debit card donations on Stubby's behalf.

Checks can be made payable to Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic. Please be sure to reference 'Account #30919' in the check's memo field.

Credit/debit card donations can be taken over the phone by calling (937) 435-3262. Again, please be sure to reference Account #30919. Their mailing address is:

Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic
5655 Bigger Rd.
Kettering, OH 45440

Thank you so much to those who have already donated!

Ria Kapluck
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Reaching out for support... [16 Jun 2008|11:12pm]

My name is Ria, and I've created this LJ on behalf of a sweet little guy named Stubby. A friend asked me to provide a temporary home for Stubby, as well as try to find him a forever home, and I was happy to oblige. But Stubby hadn't been to the vet in a few years, and would need to be caught up on his vaccinations and receive a clean bill of health before I could find a forever home for him.

When I took him in for his exam, the doctor determined that his oral health was deteriorated to such an extent that Stubby would need to undergo extensive surgery to extract all of his teeth and repair the damage to his gums and jawbones. As you can imagine, that kind of surgery is very, very expensive.

I've created a website called www.freewebs.com/surgeryforstubby, where you can learn a little more about Stubby as well as make donations in any amount to help cover the cost of the surgery. For every $5 donated, you'll receive an entry in the Thank You Raffle for a chance at the Grand Prize of a $50 SuperCertificate to www.GiftCertificates.com

I'm asking for your support as I try to improve Stubby's life. Several people have told me to "just put him down, it's not worth it"...as far as I'm concerned, this is not an option. He's only four years old, and with this surgery, will lead a long, happy life. Please consider donating...even $1 will help! If all you can do is share the website with your friends and fellow animal lovers, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

I want to make it very clear that my one and only goal is to raise the funds necessary to get Stubby on the road to health and happiness. I am not affiliated with any shelter or rescue group...I'm just one person trying to make a difference in one animal's life, in any way that I can.

Ria K.

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online! Click here to donate! Official PayPal Seal
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a new social network for animal lovers! [12 Jun 2008|11:37pm]

Hey guys, I thought you all might be really interested in ZooToo.com which is a new social network for animal lovers (just like I said in the subject haha). So if you're like me and have a dog AND a cat, this is a place where you can put them (and other kinds of pets/animals) up in your own zoo. there's also pet news, meet-up groups, product reviews by members, and tons of other stuff.

Anyway, just thought I'd share. I'm looking to gain friends on there! OH and i almost forgot to mention that they do good for the animal community by making over shelters and giving a portion of the ad rev gained by people being on the site to shelters. i think that the more you use the site/invite people/make friends, the more $$ goes to the shelter of your choice... hence my motivation to get friends!!!!

Add me!!!!

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Any cat lovers in Georgia? [31 May 2008|05:44pm]

I have been alerted about 42 cats that are on the URGENT list at the Coweta County Animal Control. Some have been on the list for over a week and could be euthanized at any time. There are cats of all colors and ages. The largest group is the tiny kittens who won't even get a chance to live their lives. Adoptions must be made in person, unfortunately. We need people willing to adopt from Georgia and beyond. Transport can be arranged. We need people in the area that can pull these cats to get them off death row until foster, rescue, adoption, and transport can be arranged. I have a list of transport groups to transport to adopters further away.

Here are some of their pretty faces:

Go here to view all of the cats and kittens in urgent need & info on all pictured here:

Click here for more urgent cats: http://www.shelterrescue.org/id5.html

Click here for more urgent kittens: http://www.shelterrescue.org/id57.html

  • Follow the above links if you live near and want to adopt one of these cats.
  • Email me if you live near and can foster/pull/rescue one/some until adoption/transport arrangements can be made.
  • Email me if you want to adopt, but do not live near the shelter.
  • My email is afurryfriend@gmail.com
We have found some people to pull and foster some cats for a limited amount of time. If you are interested in adopting, even if you don't live near, please email me at afurryfriend@gmail.com ASAP!
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Help for the Heartbroken [31 May 2008|02:19am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

My family's had a difficult year.  My fiance was diagnosed with MS in August and we were forced to move to a place closer to the hospital.   However, that meant living in an apartment building that did not allow pets since that was all we could afford.  We had to give up our beloved cat, Mali.  She was the absolute best pet we could have ever asked for.  She was the light of our lives.  Nobody would take her so we were forced to drop her off at a shelter (no-kill).  I still tear up thinking of her.  However, the opportunity has presented itself where we could possibly move to a new place that does allow pets.  I don't want to rush into anything, but I can't stand the thought of not having a pet if I am in a situation where we can actually have one.  Anybody out there in a situation where you had to give up your cat or you lost your beloved cat in any way and you're nervous about getting a new one for fear it won't be the same or it would bring up painful memories?  Any suggestions on how to get over it?  Would it help if I got a cat that looked completely different?  Or should I wait until (if) I get over it?

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Cats in need of help! [14 May 2008|02:03pm]

I posted info about my animal welfare blog and many people were making a fuss over there being no reference to cats. I give you this:

The Tiger Ranch cat sanctuary located in Frazer, PA was raided recently, upon which PSPCA workers found around 600 cats on the property, including 200 dead ones in freezers. The majority of the living cats were infected with various parasites, respiratory diseases, mouth, nose, and eye infections, along with many other illnesses. Many had to be euthanized, as they were already dying from starvation or other disease due to lack of veterinary care. The owner is facing 593 counts of animal cruelty. The PSPCA is in need of donations for the continued care of these cats so they can find forever homes. Please click on the link to my blog to find out more information, how to help, and how to adopt one of the surviving cats.

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New Animal Welfare Blog! [13 May 2008|05:44pm]

I'm a member of several animal sites and forums where there are always numerous posts about animals in need of either homes or medical/financial help. To prevent me from making numerous posts across sites each day, I've decided to set up a blog to highlight animals in extreme need of help, either a rescue or otherwise. These animals are from all over the country. It is updated constantly. Please check it out and pass it on to anyone you know who is interested in helping an animal. You could be saving lives like these:

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The story of Zieki, who fell out the window. [26 Apr 2008|04:24pm]


**Warning** This post does request money at the end, not to be rude, just really in need of help. But not only money, your warm furry happy wishes for zieki or also very appreciated. I think the story itself is rather good too. Cross-posted through some cat loving communities, sorry if you see a repeat.**

I heard meowing on my way in the door one Saturday around 5 pm. This is not un-common as the downstairs neighbors have kitties that usually sit in the window and i like to meow back at them. Instead I saw a cat that looked exactly like Zieki, Kirstens little fluffy cat. Slight disbelief occurred in believing this was our cat, because he doesn't even like to go outside. So I scooped him up, concerned that he got out, but not too worried, and brought him indoors.

As soon as I put him down, I screamed, because he immediately fell forward and proceeded to flop like some horrible type of fish out of water. He had broken his legs! (i thought it was just one, but turns out to be both). This was a really horrible thing to see and no pet-owner should ever see their pets like that.

He didn't deserve this, he is such a nice cat. Never an angry thought in his cute little fluffy head. (Hes technically not mine, but we are very close and my cat Zander and him are good at being fluffy together) He is also not the brightest one, and I would never have believed he could be so brave.

2 broken legs! He was crying outside, but as soon as I had him in my arms he seemed fine. I was so impressed with him.

Luckily the huge cat hospital in Boston happens to be a short distance away, so he was in excellent care within a half hour. He was there from Saturday night to just coming home on Thursday.

While they took him away from us to check all his bones and then having to do 2 surgeries, one on each leg, I discovered some awful news. He had fallen out the window (3rd story) the night before! Me and his mother Kirsten had both been out that night and since we have a rather large house it was not unusual to not see a cat for a little bit. Turns out he fell out with the window screen and must have been knocked unconscious for a bit. Our downstairs neighbor found the screen and saw a cat (one of our 3rd roommates cats - Mio) in the window and panicked thinking she might fall out or jump and when she alerted our other roommate, I guess she acted like "oh whatever, thats weird". I'm really angry with her, she checked for her 2 cats (who happen to be rather nasty bitches I must say) and not for Zieki or Zander.

So the poor thing who doesn't like to be outside spent his first (and lets hope only) night outside in immense pain. Its so horrible.

But! The good news is that he made it through his surgeries wonderfully. Everyone at the vet fell in love with him and said he just kept purring and was happy to let them help him. When he came home on Thursday they said he probably wouldn't feel up to walking for at least a week, but he refused to even lay down! He was walking all over the place, exploring and enjoying the attention. He even jumped up on the bed (we tried to stop him of course) and did one of his most favorite things - hang out in a paper bag. He is doing so damn good and I'm really proud of him. Kirsten herself has been doing okay too, managed to stay mostly calm in the stress of all this including the financial cost. (There was never a minute in which we considered not to do the surgery, even though the vets kept asking about seeing finance people)

My friend made a quick website, where you could donate if you like, as the vet bills are over $5000 and we are rather poor people:


But more importantly it also has some wicked cute photos of him and should be updated in a few minutes with pictures of him looking all silly and shaved after surgery. We'll continue updating his recovery too.


Much love from out kitty family to yours,


Moderators - please let me know if you prefer this be removed or behind a cut or anything, I'd be happy to oblige. <3
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